About American Health Share

Hello, I’m David Ghai, CEO of David Ghai Enterprises, LLC. We specialize in helping individuals, families, and businesses lower healthcare costs through low-cost alternatives to traditional health insurance. We represent organizations that offer a higher quality of health care that saves 50% on average when compared to health insurance.

Obamacare is broken. Sadly, it only offers a one-size fits all approach. As a result, relatively healthy Americans are overpaying when they don’t need to. The average health share member saves between $5000 to $10,000 annually. We encourage you to work with us to explore healthcare sharing programs and direct primary care options. We will guide you each step of the way.

My experience consists of four years of consulting prospective health share members on the pros and cons of health share programs and educating on primary differences when compared to health insurance. We are the leading expert on health share education in America taking a consultative approach where we learn what's most important to you, then recommend the right program, assuming health share is a good fit. Health shares are not appropriate for everyone, in some cases, health insurance is the better option. If health insurance is the best option, we will refer you to a qualified health insurance agent. But ask yourself this, “If health share is the right option for me, what can I do with an extra $5000-$10,000 in my pocket at the end of each year?”

Our Mission

To provide today's consumer and business owner with the information necessary to make truly informed decisions when it comes to the funding of their health care expenses. We don't sell health insurance.

Our Vision

American Health Share is the leading expert on health share education in America. To with today's leading health share organizations in membership growth objectives while advocating for today's health share consumer.

How We Get Paid

We do not charge you for our service. If you decide that health share meets your objectives and join one of the healthshare programs which we represent, we will be paid directly by the healthcare sharing organization.

The #1 resource for education on health share programs for individuals and businesses. Simply put, we’re here for you!

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