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We will present you with the most affordable options that make sense for your family’s needs. Our approach will simplify the process.
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Businesses that are unable to afford a high-quality healthcare program for their employees find it much more difficult to attract and retain new talent. Fortunately, there is a solution to this crisis! It's called healthcare sharing, one of the fastest growing industry groups in the U.S. 
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Health Share Programs save American Households $5000 - $10,000 on average annually. We represent today's leading healthcare sharing organizations and are uniquely positioned to explain the differences between health insurance and health share programs. Armed with the right information, you can determine what's best for your family.
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American Health Share

An affordable alternative to traditional health insurance!

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American Health Share works with today’s leading healthcare sharing organizations and is committed to helping you save money through proven medical cost sharing programs and direct primary care.

Give And Receive

Members of healthcare sharing organizations make fixed monthly contributions to the health sharing community according to the program elected. Eligible medical expenses are shared with the funds of all Members who faithfully contribute.

Affordable Alternative

Health Share Programs and Direct Primary Care are affordable alternatives to traditional health insurance, allowing Members to share in one another’s eligible medical expenses.

Individuals, Couples, Families, and Businesses save 50% on average by using health share programs and direct primary care instead of health insurance.

Many Americans overpay for healthcare simply because they don’t know about health share programs, which unlike health insurance, are programs designed for people who are relatively healthy. Not only have health share programs been around for decades but they also have proven track records of performance when it comes to cost-effectiveness, saving members 50% on average when compared to monthly health insurance premiums. Each health share program has its own set of rules, and all health share ministries are not created equally, that’s why it is important that you understand how health share programs differ from health insurance before choosing any particular program. We pride ourselves on being the leading expert on health share programs and are committed to helping you understand how they work. It’s only then that you can make an informed decision for your family or business. There are health share programs to stay away from, so we only work with proven health share programs. You should consider features, prices, member tools, member satisfaction, and timeliness of medical needs processing.

Thank you for your interest in a free quote on healthcare sharing options. You can save 50% on average compared to the high cost of health insurance premiums.

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ACA Tax PenaltyNone CurrentlyExempt From ACA Requirement
Government RegulationACA and State Insurance DepartmentsIRS and Ministry Guidelines
Lifetime BenefitsNo LimitationsPer Incident and Lifetime Caps
10 Essential Health BenefitsAutomaticAla Carte
Health Savings Account (HSA)Eligible With High-Deductible InsuranceDepends On The HCSO
Doctors and HospitalsLimited NetworkAny Doctor or Hospital
Affordable Care Act (ACA)Regulated Under ACAExempt From ACA Requirement
Enrollment Time PeriodNovember 1 - January 15Anytime. 24/7/365
Pre-Existing ConditionsMust CoverWaiting Periods & Exclusions
Estimated Unsubsidized Family Rate$1100 - $2400 Monthly$500 - $800 Monthly

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